The Sheraton Reserva do Paiva Hotel integrates into its architecture, a colonial past that stems from the Portuguese colonization roots of North-eastern Brazil, with the distinct features that differentiate the area from the rest of the country.

Materials, textures and colours emerge as a need to meet the rather rigorous tropical climate conditions which, in turn, lead you to spend time in the open air, in contact with such luxuriant prodigious nature.

Architecture - Interior Design
New Construction - 30.945 sq.m
Date: 2014
279 Regular Rooms / 18 Suites / 1 Presidential Suite / Lobby Bar / Link / Club Lounge / Pool Bar / All-Day Restaurant / Gourmet Restaurant / 1 Ballroom / 1 Junior Ballroom / 4 Meeting Rooms / Spa / Fitness Center / Pool / Kids Pool / Basement Parking: 117 bays